Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shorter term merger arb

I usually don't post my short-term trades on here, but with tons of volume coming into the chinese mining stocks lately (CHGS, SHZ, CNAM, CPSL, XING, QXM), the latter 4 stocks are still early in their moves.  With the bigger move up in XING, being at $1.85/sh as I write this, the buyout price for its subsidiary QXM, which the parent owns most of, is now $4.3/sh.  Currently priced on the market at 3.6, this is a steep discount for a stock whose deal is likely to go through given that the parent, which owns most of QXM, wants the deal to go through.  I'm long a lot of QXM from the 3.50s.  I expect XING could move a lot higher in the coming days, as well.